A collection of 24 One Page Magics focused on all aspects of setting up and running a successful Project Management Office (PMO).

★ Best Practices for a PMO Setup Approach
★ Overview of a PMO Metrics Approach
★ Best Practice for Implementing a PMO
★ The Project Phases and Tasks to Setup a PMO
★ PMO Setup Plan with A Focus On Offshoring
★ The Benefits of Using AI in a PMO Tool
★ Top Skills for a Successful Transformation PMO Leader
★ Strategic PMO Best Practices
★ An Enterprise PMO in an Agile World
★Enterprise PMO Desired ‘TO BE’
★ Transformation PMO Best Practices 
★ PMO and Project Management Remote Working
★ 25 Benefits of a Project Management Office
★Potential PMO Services Overview
★ A Useful PMO Maturity Assessment Sanity Check
★ Some Key Vendor Management Best Practices
★ The Evolution of a PMO to a VMO
★ Have You Assessed Your PMO Recently?
★ PMO Survey
★ Overview of PMO Processes
★ Overview of Aspects of a PMO Charter
★ The Different Roles in a Project Management Office

Project Management Office (PMO) - One Page Magic Gold Vol.1