A collections of 24 Business & Digital Transformation One Page Magics and Transformation PMO Best Practices – Reformatted and Compiled into a new useful reference book.

★ Effectively Leading a Digital Transformation
★ Implementing Global Business Transformation to Remote Teams
★ The Role a Transformation PMO
★ Digital Workplace Best Practices
★ OCM and Link to Business and Digital Transformation
★ The Five Stages of Digital Maturity
★ Successful Business Transformations 
★ Integrated Workstreams for Business Transformation
★ Digital Transformation Strategy 
★ Enterprise Architecture in Digital Transformation
★ Disruptive Innovation
★ Overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications
★ Key Elements of Consideration for Digital Transformation
★ Lessons Learned with Digital Transformations
★ Key Digital Areas to Test Your Organisation Maturity
★ Digital Transformation in Telco's
★ Customer Experience (CX) Transformation
★ Best Practices To Drive Creativity & Innovation
★ Transformation PMO – Understanding Stakeholder Commitment 
★ Transformation PMO – The Change Plan Journey
★ Transformation PMO – The Change Journey User Adoption Measures
★Transformation PMO – Project, Process, and People Focus Planning

Business & Digital Transformation Best Practices -One Page Magic Gold Vol. 2