What is your life like now? Are you happy with your life? Whatever your age are you living the life you wanted your future life to be like. Maybe you stopped thinking and have no idea what you want in life and just feel numb living a life of routine and existence.

If you have no idea of what you want or where to start, it usually helps to start at the beginning by looking at what is important to you.

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Everyone usually has things in their life that are important to them (these are usually your values) such as honesty and integrity. By defining and understanding what is important to you and why, and where you are in these personal important areas, it will help you define the future life that you would like to become real.

“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is beauty, admire it. Life is a dream, realise it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it.

Life is a promise, fulfil it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is luck, make it. Life is too precious, do not destroy it. Life is life, fight for it.” Mother Teresa


Here are some example assessments of key areas that may be common to some people. It is recommended to choose only 5 key areas that are the most important to you and that you feel could contribute to living your future life now.

The status of these example key areas from different individuals are based on the following ratings.

5 = Excellent - in this area you already living your future now 4 = Very Good - in this area, things are consistently very good but not yet perfect.

3 = Good - in this area means you have no complaints but you know it could be much better and some way living your the future you want.

2 = Fair - means this area is just about OK and bearable as an existence but really far away from where you think your life should be.

1 = Bad - means you are unhappy with the status of this area and you want to change soon. Many people wait for this state to arrive before they take any action in their lives but as the actions are usually reactive, the changes are small and unsustainable and the area rarely improves.

0 - Non Existent - in this key area of your life you have nothing or it is not important to you.

“I'm the one that's got to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.” Jimi Hendrix



If you had a “5 score” in all your key areas that support living your future now, your spider diagram would be a perfect circle and you will would be where you want to be and living the life you deserve.

Example Ratings Money - Rating = 2 Status of your money is making ends meet. Salary from job pays the bills.

Health - Rating = 3

Your health is good. No major illnesses but getting obese and unfit with no exercise.

Career = 1

Your job is boring and awful. Not doing what you wanted to do. Frustrated and feel trapped you need to leave soon.

Family = 3

Your immediate family is good. You see them quite often but it is not as frequent as you wish as you live far away from each other and some family relationships are getting distant.

Love = 0

Owing to the unsociable hours of your job you have not met anyone special in your life for a long time. Your love life is non existent and the chance of you meeting someone with your current lifestyle is remote.

Lifestyle = 2

Your life has very few highs or lows, it is just flatlining. When your were young, you had imagined of a life of adventure and travel not a life of commuting in traffic to a downtown office building.



1) Identify what areas in your life are important to you. You will discover the values that you will base a successful life upon.

2) Assess where you are in each of the key areas. This will give you an individual rating of your assessment of your current life.

3) Determine where you would like to be in these key areas. This assessment will help to identify the current gaps between the life you have now and the future life you want.

4) Review your strengths that you can build on. Everyone has strengths and it will improve your self-esteem for you to acknowledge your strengths.

5) Look at your weaknesses that you can improve. This area will look at how you can improve weaknesses such as lack qualifications, skills & experience.

6) Identify any opportunities for your to advance your future success especially ‘quick wins” that you can do now. Achieving some opportunities now will give you momentum to achieve greater success.

7) Determine any threats to you achieving your future now. This assessment will identify threats such as personal procrastination and external influences such as family and friends.

“If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

Lewis Carroll

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