A lot of us just drift through life like a stick in a stream going where the water takes them until one day they ask themselves where did my life go, did I do everything I could and wanted to do.

Our lives are often guided by our beliefs, attitudes, financial circumstance, experiences, our parents, our friends, our colleagues at work, the culture of the country we are born and many more influences without any intervention by ourselves to create our own journey through life

Not All Plans Are Useless

“People often spend more time planning their weddings down to the napkin rings than they do for their lives together”

There are some people who think plans are a complete waste of time and energy. For many people, their lives are they are now because they have most led a life of circumstance and let fate decide where to take them in life. They probably had no desire for a plan for their future now or ever.

I find it interesting that couples plan their weddings down to the design of napkin rings but then decide to live their life by default after the wedding. Maybe there lies some reason why a number of marriages end early because of boredom and frustration of a shared life going nowhere.

“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.

Don't be trapped by dogma which is living with the results of other people's thinking.

Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice.

And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” Steve Jobs

A Simple Plan is Enough

Talking of plans, I mean one page at most usually. If your plan is more than one page it will usually fail or run out of steam through lack of focus and motivation. A simple plan that works is far better than a big plan that sits in a drawer and is never looked at again.

Changes All The Time

We all know that life changes, it goes up, it goes down, sometimes to goes nowhere and often it just goes around. Also we know you can’t predict the future, but a simple plan can help you create your desired future come true once you know what you want.

Like all plans, if you don’t keep it updated with changes on the way, then its value will diminish. Over time, your desires and priorities will change but if it is a good plan it should be still heading the same direction.

There Are Many Routes to Your Desired Future

It is like travelling from London to San Francisco, there are many transport options available as routes, you may be able to go direct by plane with no stopovers or you may have to go the other way around the world by boat, the journey will be probably harder and take longer but you are still heading to the same destination. Everyone has a different path even if they have the same destination. For all of us, our life is a journey so we may as well enjoy it on the way.

Look at Your Life Now

An important key to life is really knowing what you want. A first step to take is to look at your current life and then describe the life you desire which will be the next step in the process. This assessment will help you understand what makes you happy. If you feel excited about the life you desire and you are inwardly inspired then you are on the right path for happiness.


To live your future now, there are three key steps to help you create a plan to live your future now.

Step 1: Assess Your Life Now

For most people trying to imaging what their future could be, sounds like an impossible challenge. But an alternative method is to look at your current life in the key areas that are important to you and assess where are you now with them today?

Step 2: Define the Future You Want

As stated previously, this is usually the most difficult part for people. Following on from Step 1 and having a good idea of what areas are important to you and why, and where you are now, you can draw and write what the ideal state of these areas would be.

Example Desired Future Areas:

  • Money - you have enough money to buy your own house, have a new car and go on holiday 4 times a year.

  • Fame - Be a celebrity that regularly appears in the press and on TV as well being invited to premier events.

  • Travel - Spend one year travelling the globe.

  • Home - Live in a beautiful house with a large garden in a great location.

  • Freedom - Sail around the world for the next 5 years.

The future states may sound impossible at this stage, but the most important thing is that you take the chains off your imagination and think about the life you really would like to have.

Also remember this is your life and no- one else can judge what you want. We all make choices, they may be good or bad, but they are your choices as it is your life to lead the way you want hopefully without causing unnecessary hurt or detriment to others.

More Example Future Life Areas

People usually want their futures to include some of these areas of their lives:

  • · More money

  • · Improved health and fitness

  • · Well paid, interesting career

  • · Quality family life

  • · The love of someone special

  • · A lifestyle of variety

  • · Increased faith and spirituality

  • · Opportunity for creativity

  • · Travel and adventure

  • · A beautiful home

  • · Financial security

  • · Lots of close friends

  • · Fun social life and shared times

  • · Learning new things and ideas

  • · Have time to play sports

  • · Be a famous celebrity

  • · Freedom to do what you want

  • · A list of achievements

  • · To have peace of mind

Ideas For Life Changes

  • Change your job

  • Change your relationship

  • Live in a new country

  • Do something to help others

  • Go back to university

  • Change your career

  • Start a family

  • Be an artist

  • Start a pop group

  • Open a restaurant

By defining and understanding what is important to you and why, and where you are in these important areas of your life, it will help you define your future life that you would like to become real.

Defining your desired future is like eating an elephant, you don’t where to start so breaking it up into small parts, will help you make the first small steps.

Step 3: Create an Action Plan

This next step looks at the differences between your current life and the future life you want. The gaps between your present and future may appear impossible but at least you are now defining your future life in real terms.

List of Actions

  • The next action is to create a list of actions to move from your current lifestyle to your desired future lifestyle. Some steps may be short and easy and some may be very long and difficult.

  • Even if the steps are very, very small like making a phone call, this is OK as long as you can every day make a very small step towards making your future come a reality sooner than later.

  • Like all desires in life, if there is no action, there are no results, if there is no pain, there usually is no gain either.

  • If you really now want to make your future come true now, you need to work on your future every day by doing actions. The actions can be as small as you want them to be.

  • A good action to create a physical scrapbook or use a web app like Pinterest to capture images that inspire and motivate you towards your goals for the life that you want.


  • Scrapbook - collect photos and pictures of what you would like your future lifestyle to look like

  • People - look for people who you admire and would like a similar lifestyle - read all you can about them - articles, biographies

Step 4: Keep Improving Your Plan

As you move forward and your priorities change, keep your plan alive by continually updating it with new goals and actions to achieve the future life you desire now.


  1. Step 1 is about looking at your current life and deciding what is important to you and where are in these important areas

  2. Step 2 is about taking off the shackles from your mind and describing your future life

  3. Step 3 is about creating a realistic action plan of small steps so that you can see visible progress

  4. Step 4 is to keep improving your plan as your priorities change

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